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Board Game Sales during COVID-19

Since the out-break of COVID-19 pandemic many countries’ non-essential stores were ordered to shut down, school children to stay home, as well as many industries workers. As a result, many parents are working from home whilst  having to manage their children`s schooling and free time too. Further stress was added to the situation with the elimination of team sports due to the social distancing requirements at this time.

Having this sudden change to our lives and having to radically adapt to this new lifestyle, means finding new ways to fill our free time. Many families have turned to the old favorite and reliable board games, whether it is for family time or just for the kids, sales have rocketed since lock down was introduced.

In the US alone, the “games and puzzles” category has grown by 228 % at the end of March and the UK over 200%.

Surprisingly, the old classic board games such as Monopoly Classic, Cluedo and Scrabble are among the top board games being sold. Isn’t it great to see the old classics still being used to entertain us in these times?

We do not know what will happen in the future after COVID-19 Pandemic, but one thing is for sure at this time that families are spending more time together building memories playing board games. Let’s hope that these board games don’t get shoved into a cupboard and become dust collectors after things return to normal, (if it ever does) but that they will form part of a regular family’s past time.



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