Board games have been around since the dawn of time and can be dated back to 3500 BC. Every part of the world has created their own board games through out time and has evolved from ancient times. Board games have a rich history in the human life not just rich but a very interesting one too.

Board Games are an excellent medium for teaching communication skill, social skills, math skills, not just are board games and excellent means of teaching but for fun too.

There are many different types of board games and can be place with-in the following categories: Strategy, Educational, Roll and Move, Cooperative and Guessing with-in these categories they are sub divided into many others.

All board games have an objective that needs to be reach and follow a set of rules to reach the objective. These rules vary from number of players to how the game is played fairly.

Board games are all set up differently and played differently either through the use of cards or dice to advance in the game. Board games are out come based and either to teach, reach the objective that it was design for, board games are turned based and varies from two to more players in the game.

Unlike computer games and phone games, board games are one on one interacting with one another with-out hiding behind a screen. This makes board games a fantastic medium for social skills and communication skill build.

There are no skills required to be playing board games as there are rules laid out to be followed in order to play the game.


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