Modern Board Games

Modern Board Games

Modern Board Games.

No longer does is it an excuse for teenager to say board games are for kids. Board game companies have improved their products from the classic oldies to new school board games that is focusing on the teenager generation.

There are quite a few board games that its theme related to movies such as Game of Thornes, The Lord of Rings and Star Wars (many different versions available) this is just to name but a few there are many more out there on the market.

We have created a list based on reviews and feed back on what we think is the best board games out there ate the moment for teenagers.

Even with in some of these board games there are many different versions of them such as Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings and 7 Wonders just to name but one example.

Gone are the days of teenagers saying “we to told to play board games” this is a great way of interacting with your friends and not hiding behind the screen of a cell phone or tablet.


Detective is a modern crime board game

Solve mysterious crimes and see if you would handle the job of a true detective in a modern setting! This is a true board game that tells stories, because you will participate in those stories.

Let’s hope, that you will guess the end, before there is another crime.

The game includes 5 scenarios for players to solve and a high quality components. Use every tool at your disposal to solve these crimes – consult the Internet, check the facts and constantly learn new clues.

You are not playing a detective, you are a detective!

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Chronicles Of Crime

Cooperative game of crime investigation, mixing VR experience and board gaming.

With the same physical components (board, locations, characters and items), players will be able to play plenty of different scenarios and solve as many different crime stories.

They will start the app, choose the scenario they want to play, and follow the story. The goal being to catch the killer of the case they have been given in the shortest short time possible. Using scan & play technology.

Each component (locations, characters, items, etc.) has a unique QR code, which, depending on the scenario selected, will activate and trigger different clues and stories.

That means players will be able to get new stories way after the game is release Simply by downloading the app’s updates, without any shipping of new physical components involved.

The VR experience only requires a mobile phone. Players simply put the VR glasses provided inside the game onto their mobile device, and put the VR glasses on their nose, holding their mobile device in front of their eyes, to immerse themselves in the game’s universe and search for clues in a virtual world.

Each session lasts one hour and many scenarios are connected to each, others in order to tell a much bigger story.

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It is a time of unrest in 1920 Europa. The ashes from the first great war still darken the snow.

The capitalistic city-state known simply as “the factory,” which fueled the war with heavily armored machines, has closed its doors, drawing the attention of several nearby countries.

It is a time of farming and war, broken hearts and rusted gears, innovation and Valor. In scythe, each player represents a fallen leader attempting to restore their honor and lead their faction to power in Eastern Europa.

Players conquer territory, enlist new recruits, reap resources, gain villagers, build structures, and activate monstrous machine.

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7 Wonders

You are the leader of one of the 7 great cities of the Ancient World.

Gather resources, develop commercial routes and affirm your military supremacy. Build your city and erect an architectural wonder which will transcend future times.

Players draft cards over multiple rounds, carefully building towards long-term goals.

Quick game play keeps players engaged, regardless of player count.

The game is divided in three ages. These ages are played similarly, each player is given the opportunity to play 6 cards to develop their city.

At the end of each age, each player compares their military strength with one of their neighboring cities.

When the third age is over, players score the points given by their cards and their military conflicts. The winner is the player with the most points.

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7 Wonders: Duel

One of the most celebrated games in the world can now be experienced in a two-player arena.

7 Wonders Duel takes the game play and excitement of the original and adapts it for one-on-one battles.

Take control of your civilization and decide to invest in science, military or prestige.

Two new ways to win will keep you on your toes and watching every move your opponent makes. If you fail to build defenses your capital city may be destroyed, but ignore technology and your people may be left in the dark ages. It’s a constant tug of war.

7 Wonders Duel is an exciting new way to play the game that took the world by storm. Great for both fans of the original and those new to the hobby.

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Cry Havoc

Fast paced war game where 4 asymmetrical factions are fighting over a planet filled with valuable crystals.

Double-sided game board provides a balanced map for all player counts. When playing with less than 4 players opponents fight against a third faction to simulate a third player on the map.

Trogs come with big numbers but weak structures. Humans move quickly around the map and defend at a lower cost. Pilgrims gain victory points without controlling territories. Machines kill units remotely and move structures around the board.

The game starts abruptly and is all about direct conflict. Easy to teach rules make it perfect even for less experienced gamer`s. Short setup time and play time of only 90 minutes allow to play it even on shorter game nights.

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Blood Rage

The prophesies have come true, and Ragnarok is coming. At the end of the world, players will take control of Viking clans, fighting over territory, earning glory, and dying in battle. Over the course of three ages, players draft cards and spend Rage to play them. Cards are used to complete Quests, improve the abilities of their clans, or to win battles.

The battles in Blood Rage are fought over territory using various clan members, leaders, and even ships. When the brute force of mortals in not enough to win a fight, players can summon monstrous figures drawn right from Norse mythology, like the Frost Giant, the Valkyrie, and the Sea Serpent.

The ultimate goal is glory, and whether that comes from fulfilling Quests, defeating opponents, or by being sent to the promised land of Valhalla, it’s all the same in the eyes of a Viking.

Featuring a straight forward rule set that players of all skill level can enjoy, Blood Rage will quickly have people focusing on their strategy.

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In the game, you find yourself in rustic, pre-modern Tuscany, where you’ve inherited a meager vineyard.

You’ll have a few plots of land, an old crush pad, a tiny cellar, 3 workers.and the dream of owning the best winery in Italy.

Your job is to allocate your workers and helpful visitors to complete various tasks throughout the year. Each season is different on a vineyard, so the workers have different tasks they can take care of in the summer and winter.

There’s competition over those tasks, and often the first worker to arrive at each one has an advantage over the rest. Using those workers and visitors, you can expand your vineyard by building structures, planting vines, and filling wine orders as you work towards the goal of owning the most successful winery in Tuscany.

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DeadEye Walkers

Not all skills were Lost as the plague took over the mind of the infected. The necromancers have found a way to manipulate the infection and allow skilled archers to retain their deadeye accuracy despite losing their life.

In most areas of the game deadeye Walkers function normally, but when they attack they have a range of up to three.

The deadeyes will be looking to fill heroes full of arrow holes no matter where they hide and bring a brand new challenge to players’ zombicide: black plague games.

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The Lord Of The Rings

Journeys in Middle-earth, a fully cooperative, app-supported board game for one to five players!

You’ll battle villainous foes, make courageous choices, and strike a blow against the evil that threatens the land—all as part of a thrilling campaign that leads you across the storied hills and dales of Middle-earth.

Each individual game of journeys in Middle-earth is a single adventure in a larger campaign. You’ll explore the vast and dynamic landscapes of Middle-earth, using your skills to survive the challenges that you encounter on these perilous quests.

As you and your fellow heroes explore the wilderness and battle The dark forces arrayed against you, the game’s companion app guides you to reveal the looming forests, quiet clearings, and ancient halls of Middle-earth, while also controlling the enemies you encounter.

Whether you’re venturing into the Wild on your own or with close companions by your side, you can write your own legend in the history of Middle-earth.

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Imperial Assault

Imperial Assault casts you and your friends into the climactic events following the Death Star’s destruction above Yavin 4, and offers two full game experiences within the Star Wars saga.

In the campaign game, you and up to four other friends play a series of thrilling missions woven together in a narrative campaign, and in the skirmish game, you and your opponent muster your own strike teams and battle head-to-head over conflicting objectives.

Whether you play as a hero of the Rebellion and fight alongside iconic characters like Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, or command the seemingly limitless armies of the Galactic Empire, you’ll enter the Star Wars universe in Imperial Assault. As an added bonus, Imperial Assault includes the Darth Vader Villain Pack and the Luke Skywalker Ally Pack.

These figure packs mark the first expansions for Imperial Assault, adding sculpted plastic figures with new campaign and skirmish missions.

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A Game Of Thrones

A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition is a classic game of warfare, diplomacy, and intrigue for three to six players.

Taking control of the well-known characters from George R.R. Martin’s beloved fantasy series, players must fight for dominance of the realm.

Will you take power through force, coerce your way onto the throne with persuasive speeches, or rally the townsfolk to your side?

With opportunities for strategic planning, masterful diplomacy, and clever card play, this game gives you a host of ways to spread your influence over Westeros.

Designed for ages 14 and up.

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Robinson Crusoe

One of the best cooperative game of all time, award winning Robinson Crusoe comes back in this new edition from Portal Games.

Based on the Game of the Year edition released previously in Poland, Germany, Spain and France it brings this amazing game to the whole new level.

In this edition players will find custom wooden pieced for all resources, thick cardboard player boards for each character, additional 7th scenario and what’s most important completely rewritten rule book based on the precise and well written German version.

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Legend Of Andor

The country Andor is in danger. From the forests and the mountains, the enemy back to the castle of the old King Brandur. Only your little hero Group opposes them. If you succeed in defending the castle? After the first adventure still followed by many more.

The witch must be found and to obtain a medicinal herb for the sick King. In the underground mines valuable gems are waiting for you, But also great risks. Finally, you have to compete against the revived ancient Dragon.

Will you, all these challenges? Only together You are strong and can become heroes of Andor.

Game play: fantastic social experience, all players cooperate in a fascinating storytelling adventure.

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Did not find what  you looking for? Please click link to take you to Amazon for a bigger range of games with in the age group you looking for. There are hundreds of board games and games to choose from.

The list we compiled is based on reviews and feed back that we think would be best suited for the kids.

Thank you for taking the time to browse thought out on-line store and please give us your review and hope you will visit and refer us as you to go shop for board games.

Many thanks and never stop gaming.


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